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Non Commissioned Officers of the Regiment


Bailey, Bill, 1SG, 1917  E Company 165th Inf.


Bergin, John, CSM served in the 69th from 1947 until 1968. Served on active duty from 1940-1945 with 1123rd Military Police Company which saw action in Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines; awarded Army Commendation Medal for hostile action in Luzon. He served as the Commander of 69th Veterans Corp and was awarded the honor of being a Distinguished Member of the Regiment. His last assignment was Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regimental Headquarters (RHQ).


Casey, Jay, SGT served in Company C during World War I and assisted Wild Bill Donovan in training his unit at Camp Mills.

Corrigan, James (J.) E., SFC, 1963-1969, HHC 2/69..started as driver in 4.2 mortar platoon, moved through various ranks in the platoon; 7/67-6/69 - E-7/Platoon Sergeant, 4.2 inch Mortar Platoon, alternate Chemical, Biological, Radiological NCO - 1966-1969, member of the Veterans Corps 1969 to present.....e-mail: bugman38@hotmail.com


Dunn Edward G., Jr., SFC Oct 1965 - A Company, 2nd BN, 1967 - re-org transferred to HHC 1-69 Mortar Platoon, Spring 1970 - Oct 1971,  SSG  Platoon Sergeant  4.2 inch Mortars, 1972 (re-enlisted) - 1974 SFC  Career Counselor (1st one in the Bn.), 2005 Member, Board of Directors 69th Regiment Veterans Corps,  Assistant Historian Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) Staff  email address: sfc4deuce@sixtyninth.net 

Finan, William J., SFC Co. A  165th Inf   1947 To 1958, Secretary Veteran Corps, E-Mail Vc69thsec@Aol.Com

Geaney, Edward 1SG served as First Sergeant of D Company 165th during World War I.


Henry Bill SSG Enlisted in HHC 2/165 INF in 1955 and in 1961 transferred to A Co 1/165 and attained the rank of Staff Sgt. Honorably Discharged in 1966. In1982 joined the Veterans Corps 69th Regiment and has served as a member the Board of Directors. 


Hogan, Joseph G. SSG  1964-1972.  HHC 2/69.  Started as driver for

MAJ Vincent Vitiello. Chemical NCO - S3 under MAJ Walter J Montago, MSG

Finbar J Devine, MSG Alfred Niettenger and MSG Theodore Barkstadt.   

Member 69th Rifle Team.  Sidekick of Victor J Olney and Thomas J

Collins.  Died 4 Nov 2004.


Alfred Joyce Kilmer SGT is remembered today for the poem "Trees" published in 1914. Joyce Kilmer was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1886. His father, Dr. Frederick Kilmer was the scientific director of Johnson and Johnson and is credited with the development of baby powder.  He was educated at Columbia University and worked for the "The New York Times." He joined the 165th Infantry, (Fighting 69th) and in quickly attained the rank of Sergeant attached to the newly organized Regimental Intelligence Staff. He was encouraged to go to Officer Candidate School and accept a commission but he said he would rather be a Sergeant in the 69th than an officer in any other unit in the Army. On July 30th 1918, while gathering intelligence for the Regiment during the battle of the Ourcq he was shot in the head. He was 31 years old. Camp Kilmer in New Jersey was named after him. There are many schools and forested areas throughout the country named after him also. At the New Brunswick (Exit 9 Northbound) on the New Jersey Turnpike, there is a rest stop named after him. He wrote many poems and essays during his career as a poet, many about the 69th including "Memorial Day," "Rouge Bouquet" and "When the Sixty-Ninth Comes Back". "When the Sixty-Ninth Comes Back" was set to music by Victor Herbert, (writer of "Babes in Toyland") and was played by the Regimental Band during the 165th's triumphal march up 5th Ave after World War I. Joyce Kilmer is buried in Oise-Aisne Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France.

Lambe, John J. SFC 1945-1992 - D Co., NY Guard 1945-1947. A Co 1/69
1947-1962. C Co 2/69 1962-. HHC 2/69 (Committee Group - Recruit
Company 2/69) 1965-1967. C Co 1/69. CSM 88th
Bde., NY State Guard
1985-1992. 69th Rifle Team. 69th Veteran Corps Pistol Team.
Distinguished Pistol Medal. President NCO Club. Retired NYPD. Member of the Board
of Directors, 69th Veteran Corps.

Olney, Victor J.  SSG 4.2 Mortar Platoon HHC 2nd Bn. 1965-1971. Member, Rifle Team.  Chairman Preservation Committee - Restoration of Mural Room (1990-1995).  Business Manager, Officers Association (1993).  Chairman - Restoration of Garryowen Club.  Treasurer, Family Support Group, Officers Association (2003).  Treasurer, Makin Dinner Committee (1995).  tarahall@earthlink.net

Ruiz, Alejandro R. Renteria, SGT As Private First Class, U.S. Army, 165th Infantry, 27th Infantry Division., he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Place and date: Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 28 April 1945. Entered service at: Carlsbad, N. Mex. Birth: Loving, N. Mex. G.O. No.: 60, 26 June 1946. Citation: When his unit was stopped by a skillfully camouflaged enemy pillbox, he displayed conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty. His squad, suddenly brought under a hail of machinegun fire and a vicious grenade attack, was pinned down. Jumping to his feet, Pfc. Ruiz seized an automatic rifle and lunged through the flying grenades and rifle and automatic fire for the top of the emplacement. When an enemy soldier charged him, his rifle jammed. Undaunted, Pfc. Ruiz whirled on his assailant and clubbed him down. Then he ran back through bullets and grenades, seized more ammunition and another automatic rifle, and again made for the pillbox. Enemy fire now was concentrated on him, but he charged on, miraculously reaching the position, and in plain view he climbed to the top. Leaping from 1 opening to another, he sent burst after burst into the pillbox, killing 12 of the enemy and completely destroying the position. Pfc. Ruiz's heroic conduct, in the face of overwhelming odds, saved the lives of many comrades and eliminated an obstacle that long would have checked his unit's advance.

Sheehan, Michael, Sr., CSM Command Sergeant Major of Battalion from 1993-1996, 1SG “A” Company 1990, joined the Regiment in 1976 from the USNR as a team leader in Company C. Final assignment 42nd INF DIV (MECH) Command Sergeant’s Major

Sherry, Francis SFC 1957-1974 served in HHC as Commo Chief, served in CSC------1974-1994 as Food Service NCO, e-mail: fabsherr@juno.com

Stickney, James SFC,  HHC 1/69 served as Commo Platoon Sgt, Sept 1969 to Sept 1979

Woods, Mark (Woody) SFC served as Operations NCO and Logistics NCO of the 69th from 1995-99. SFC Woods served on active duty in the Army from 1960-63. He spent 13 months in Korea. He joined 42 S&T Battalion in 1974 as a truck driver.  He served as Platoon Sgt of the ration breakdown section for 5 years. He went on active duty in Active Guard and Reserve status (AGR) in 1985. He served with the 42 Maint. Bn (Company E, 69th traces its lineage to the 42d Maint. Bn.) in Newburgh N.Y. and supervised Class IX warehouse for11 years.  He served as 342FSB, Yonkers N.Y., Operations NCO. He was the 42d DISCOM big bore champion and received a rating of Excellence in Rifle Competition.

Roster of Sergeants who served during World War I

from Joyce Kilmer’s Historical Index


Abbreviations: KIA (Killed in action or died of wounds); A.C.S. (sent to Army Candidates' school); Com. (commissioned).


Sergeants, Co. A.


John J. O'Leary, 1st Sgt.- KIA

James J. Hughes, Sgt. Major, 83rd Brig.

Joseph S. Higginson

Martin V. Cook-Com.

Charles Lanzner-KIA.

Charles Schmidt

Daniel O'Connell-Com.

John F. O'Sullivan-Com.

Michael J. Walsh

Stephen L. Purtell

Timothy J. Monohan, Sgt. Major

Frank H. Squire

Thomas J. Sweeney, 1st Sgt.

William G.  Moore-Com.

C. Donald Matthews-A.C.S.

Bernard J. White-Sgt. Major

Spencer Rossell-A.C.S.

Charles A. Underhill-Com.

John F. Scully

Patrick Ames-KIA.

Hugh J. McPadden

John H. Dennelly

Clancy VanArsdale

Lester Hanley-KIA.

Frank J. Fisher

William M. Walsh-KIA.

Patrick J. Doolan-KIA.

John A. McDonald-KIA.

Edward J. Mooney

Clyde G. Evans

James J. Duff-KIA.

William F. Ogilvie

Frederick R. Stenson-KIA

George V. Armstrong

Harold J. Henderson

Michael Morley

Joseph C. Pettit

William Mehl

Albert Kiley, Co. Clk.

Harry Blaustein

Edward P. Wylie


Sergeants, Co. B.


John  O'Neill, 1st Sgt-A.C.S., KIA.

Michael C. Horgan

James Taylor

James Brogan-KIA.

Ole J. Olsen

Harry Ashworth

John A. Donovan

Speros Thomas

John A. Sullivan

Alexander Whalen

Francis J. Lynch

Henry J. Kiernan-KIA.

William G. Braniff

Patrick Kelly

Edward J. Kelly

Preston D. Travis

Joseph Gilgar

James J. Cullinan

Thomas F. Brady

William Thornton

William S. Gilbert

Vincent P. Mulholland, 1st Sgt. A.C.S.

James Donnelly-KIA.

John J. Mahoney-KIA.

Joseph D. Graham

James  E. Coyne

Lawrence Steppello

James Langan

Matthew J. Brennan

Martin Naughton

Frederick Coyne, Co. Clk.

Herbert P. McClymont

Alfredo Menicocci

John A. Donovan

Frank A. Frederick-A.C.S.

James  Gilhooley

Edward Kraemer-KIA.

William F. Mallin, Bn.Sgt-Major, A.C.S.

Hugh E. Stengel

John A. Sullivan

Joseph Gilgar


Sergeants, Co. C.


William Hatton, 1st Sgt., Sgt-Major, HQ., 42nd Div.

R. S. Powell, 1st Sgt.-A.C.S.

Eugene B. Halpin, 1st Sgt., USA. as Instructor

Thomas P. O'Hagan, 1st Sgt

John D. Crittenden-A.C.S.

Thomas Halpin-A.C.S.

James J. Grace

Edward J. O'Connell

James F. Nelson

James Barry

Joseph W. Burni

James T. Burnt

Denis Cahill

T. H. Casey

Edward P. Clowe-KIA.

Frank W. Colyer

Walter S. Coon

Nathaniel B. Crittenden

Frank L. Curtli

Daniel J. Davern

John P. Duffy

Frank L Drivdahl

Daniel S. Guryev-KIA.

Herman Hillig

Harry H. Horgan-KIA.

Edward J. Kearin-KIA.

Petrr Keller

John  W. Knight

John K. McAuliffe

Eugene A. McNiff

Hugo E. Noack

Thomas O'Kelly

George E. Richter

Bernard Ryan-KIA.

Matthew Synott-Com.

Louis J. Torrey-KIA.

Arthur C. Totten

John F. Vermaelen-KIA.

Anthony Gallagher

Joseph Hennessey

Michael Cooney

Louis C. Dedecker

Frederick R. Garrison

Thomas P. McPherson

Joseph Peisel

Archibald F. Reilly

Michael Ruane


Sergeants, Co. D.


Thomas H. Sullivan, 1st. Sgt-Com.

Thomas W. Brown

Colton C. Bingham, USA., as Instructor

John Cahill

Martin E. Carroll

Stephen J. Crotty

Thomas J. Curtin, 1st Sgt.-KIA.

John Curtin, Color Sgt.

John Daly

Harold J. Dibbler-Com.

Edward  J. Geaney, 1st Sgt.-A.C.S.

John J. Gribbon-A.C.S.

Patrick Grogan

Joseph W. Halper, Co. Clk.

Patrick J. Heaney

John F. Ingram-KIA.

Stanley W. Jones

Thomas F. Keyes

George H. Krick

Joseph J. Lynch

Denis McAdliffe

Patrick J. McDonough

Edward A. McIntee

Martin McMahon

John McNamara-KIA.

John P. Mohr

John F. Moran

George R. Morton

Lester J. Moriarty

Hubert V. Murray, 1stSgt.-A.C.S.

Denis Murphy

Denis O'Brien

Denis O'Connor

Daniel B. J. O'Connell, Reg. Sgt-Major

Thomas M. O'Malley

Richard W. O'Neill

Daniel J. O'Neill

William J. Maloney-Com.

Edward B. Smith

Arthur C. Strang-Com.

Joseph P. Tracy

James S. Whitty

Joseph L. Sheehan, 1st Sgt.

James O'Brien

Herbert DeWilde

Dalton Smith

Edgar T. Farrell

Michael J. McAuliffe

Martin J. Hurst

Robert K. Niddrie


Sergeants, Co. E.


William L. Bailey, 1st  Sgt-USA, as Instructor

Thomas A. Carney-Com.

Charles F. Finnerty-Com.

William  Lippincott-Com.

William T. Kelly-Com.

Andrew Callahan-Com.

Frank Johnston,1st. Sgt.-Com.

William Maloney

Archibald Skeats

Douglas McKenzie

Frank E. Donnelly, 1st Sgt.-A.C.S.

Bernard J. Kelly

Hugh McKiernan

John F. Riordan

John A. Wilde

William J. Foley

James Moran

Daniel Donohue

Harold J. Carmody

Michael Lynch-KIA.

Lester Lenhart-KIA.

William A. Halligan-Co. Clk.

Leon Hodges

John  Schluter-A.C.S.

Alban A. Delaney-A.C.S.

James Hyland

Carl Kahn

Edward P. Scanlon, Reg. Sup. Sgt.

Edward J. Vahey

Alexander Smeltzer

John Burke

Michael  Darcy

Arthur J. Lefrancois

James McCready

Augustus Morgan

Thomas J. Reidy

Thomas Gaffney

Alfred S. Helmer

George S. Malloy

Edward J. Rickert

John J. Horan, Co. Clk.


Sergeants, Co. F.


Joseph V. Blake, 1st Sgt-A.C.S.

Timothy J. McCrohan, 1st Sgt.-A.C.S.

James J. McGuinn

Philip Gargan

John J. Keane-Com.

William F.  Hanifin-Com.

Herbert L. Doyle-Com.

Joseph A. Wynne

Michael J. Bowler, Brig. Sgt Major-A.C.S.

Edward A. Ginna

Charles  B. Echeverria-KIA.

Joseph H. Trueman-A.C.S.

Eugene Cunningham-A.C.S.

Philip T. Boone-Com.

Raymond A. Long

William E. Boone

John  P.  Mahon-Com.

Thomas  Leddy-A.C.S.

Thomas J. Erb-KIA.

Charles E. Denon-KIA

Michael Douglas-A.C.S.

Patrick J. Wynne

Malcolm F. Joy

William Boland

James J. McCormack

John R. Butler

Theodore H. Hagen

Lawrence J. Whalen-KIA.

Cornelius Behan

James W. Brennan, 1st Sgt

James J. Bevan

Leo J. McLaughlin

John J. Gill

Louis D. Edwards

William Graceley

Albert E. Curtis

Maurice Fine

Harold E. Dahl, Co. Clk.

Timothy Keane


Sergeants, Co. G.


John H. Burke, 1st. Sgt.-Com.

John Meaney, 1st Sgt.-USA as Instructor

Charles B. Grundy, 1st.Sgt.-ACS

Frank W. Bull, 1st Sgt-Com.
Alfred H. Taylor, 1st Sgt.
John McNamara, 1st Sgt.
Charles J. Meagher, 1st Sgt
Charles Sulzberger-Com.
Joseph McCourt
John W. Farrell
William Farrell
Patrick Donohue
Leroy T. Wells-Com.
William Durk
James P. Robinson-KIA.
Denis Downing-KIA.
Thomas Slevin
John J. Conroy
James Murray-Col. Sgt.
James D. Coffey
Edward  McNamara
Thomas T. Williamson
Martin  Shalley
Denis O'Connor
Denis Corcoran
Thomas W. Ferguson-A.C.S.
Martin Murphy
Ralph Holmes
Michael Hogan
Denis Roe                         
Carl G. Kemp-A.C.S.
Kenneth B. Morford
Irving Framan

Roy L. Bull

John W. Brogan

Frank Malloy

Patrick Rcgan

Hugh Lee

John J. McMahon

Howard B. Gregory, Sgt.-Major, 42nd Div.

John Ryan, Co. Clk.

Franklyn Dorman, Co. Clk.

Maurice Dwyer

James J. Elliott

James Regan

Patrick Keane


Sergeants, Co. H.


Joseph E. Nash, 1st Sgt.-Com.

Bernard Finnerty-KIA.

Patrick F. Craig-Com.

Robert V. Frye-Com.

James J. Hamilton-KIA.

Joseph Mattiello

Patrick  Neary-Com.

Daniel J. O'Neill, 1st Sgt-KIA.

Jerome F. O'Neill, 1st. Sgt.-A.C.S

George G. Ashe-Com.

Daniel L. Dayton-Com.

Reginald Mitchell-Com.

John F. Tully-A.C.S.

John F. O'Connor, 1st. Sgt.

Frank S. Condit

James A. Dooley

Miles V. Dowling

John P. Furey

Charles J. Gavin

Bruno Gunther

Martin J. Higgins

James Hogan

John Lynch

Andrew Murray

William J. Murray, Co. Clk.

James F. O'Brien

William O'Neill, 1st Sgt.-KIA.

William Smythe

James Todd

Patrick Travers

Michael Treacey

Dudley M. Winthrop

Frank A. Mader

John J. Ryan

William J. Fleming

Patrick J. Dwyer

John J. Walker

Joseph O'Rourke-KIA.

Eugene J. Sweeney


Sergeants, Co. I.


Henry K. Adikes

William T. Beyer-Batt. Sgt.-Major

Charles A. Connolly-KIA.

Charles R. Cooper

Patrick Collins-KIA.

Martin Durkin

William G. Dynan

Otto Fritz

Patrick Flynn

Charles J. Ford-KIA.

Alfred F. Georgi-Co. Clk.

Charles II. Garrett

Michael J. Jordan-A.C.S.

William Harrison-KIA.

James J. Hennessey-A.C.S.

Edward    P. Joyce-Batt. Sgt.-Major, A.C.S.

John F. Joyce-Com.

William Lyle

William F. Lyons

Leo  Larney-Com.

William McLaughlin-KIA.

Richard McLaughlin

John C. McDermott

Hugh McFadden

Patrick T. McMeniman, 1st Sgt- USA, as Instructor

Frank McMorrow, 1st Sgt.

Frank Mulligan

Harold J. Murphy

Wilfred Fee

Joseph F. Neil

Thomas P. O'Brien

James Quilty

William Reutlinger

Patrick Rogan

John J. Sheehan

Edward Shanahan, 1st Sgt.

Charles B. Stone-KIA

James Sullivan

George Strenk

James Warnock


Sergeants, Co. K.


Timothy J. Sullivan, 1st Sgt.-A.C.S.

Francis Meade-A.C.S.

James J. Mullen

Claude Da Costa-A.C.S.

John H. Embree-KIA.

Frank Doughney-KIA.

John L. Ross-KIA.

John Gavaghan-KIA.

Peter J. Crotty-KIA.

Bernard J.  McElroy-KIA

John J. McLoughlin

William B. Montross

John J. Gibbons

James J. Sullivan

Herbert F.  McKenna-A.C.S.

Patrick Boland

Bernard Leavy

Joseph M. Farrell-Com.

Leo G. Bonnard-A.C.S.

Wilfred T. Van Yorx-A.C.S.

Herbert J. Kelly-A.C.S.

Harold A. Benham

John T.  Vogel

George F. Meyer

George C. Sicklick

Edward K. Rooney

James F. Kelly

Patrick J. Ryan

Max Puttlitz

Michael  Costello,  Co. Clk.

Francis Caraher

William P. McKessy

John Naughton

Cornelius Rooney

Philip Hellriegel

Oliver Atkinson

Robert L. Crawford

James J. Dalton

James W. Daly

Thomas M. Gleason

Augustus F. Hughes


Sergeants, Co. L.


Eugene F. Gannon,1st Sgt.-USA, as Instructor

John J. Ahearn

Joseph Beliveau

Christian F. Bezold

Richard Blood

Thomas F. Collins-Com., KIA.

Raymond Convey-KIA.

John J. Donoghue-A.C.S., KIA.

Frank J. Duffy, Sgt.-Major, 42nd Div.

Thomas E. Dunn

Michael  Fitzpatrick

Lewis M. French

Joseph A. Grace

Thomas A. Heffernan, 1st Sgt.- ACS

George S. Kerr-KIA.

Thomas Kiernan-A.C.S.

Nicholas A. Landzert-KIA.

John J. Larkin-Com.

Patrick McCarthy

Eugene McCue, 1st Sgt.

Harry McDermott

Hugh McGriskin

John B. McHugh

Arthur McKenny

Thomas McLoughlin

William E. Malinka-A.C.S.

John J. Mulvey

John E. Mullen

James J. Murphy

William J. Murphy

George V. Murphy

John J. Murphy

Daniel O'Brien

Thomas P. O'Donovan-KIA

Charles Peacox

David Redmond-A.C.S.

Valentine Roesel

William Sheahan, Col. Sgt.-KIA.

Charles Siedler-A.C.S.

Walter F. Watson

Fred G. Wittlinger, 1st Sgt.

Bernard Woods

John Southworth

Patrick McCarthy

Leo Mullin


Sergeants, Co. M.


John J.  Kenny, 1st  Sgt.-A.C.S.

Joseph E. Jerue-A.C.S.

Ambrose Sutcliff

Francis Eustace, 1st Sgt.

Denis McCarthy

Richard J.  McCarthy-A.C.S.

Peter Cooney-KIA.

Sydney A. DaCosta-A.C.S.

David G. Morrison-Com.

Charles Pfeiffer-Com.

Howard D. Emerson, 1st Sgt.- A.C.S.

James McGarvey, 1st Sgt.-Com,

Frank J. Rogers-Com.

William J. Francis-KIA.

Patrick B. Hayes

Herman H. VonGlahn-Com.

Henry S. Fisher-A.C.S.

James J. Hughes-A.C.S.

Harry Messemer

Frank May

John Barrow

James M. Major

Patrick J. Clark

Joseph A. Moran

Fernand C. Thomas

Edward F. Flanagan

Francis X.  McNamara

John J. McLoughlin

Thomas Courtney

John O'Connor

John B. Manson

John J. Feeley

James F. Shanahan

Eddie I. Stevens-Co. Clk.

Denis Donovan

Daniel Flynn


Sergeants, Supply Co.


Joseph F. Flannery, Reg. Supply

Sgt. Edward P. Scanlon, Reg. Supply

Sgt. John J. Kennedy, Reg. Supply Sgt.

Joseph Comiskey, 1st Sgt.

Roland Ferdinando, 1st Sgt.

James W. Henry

Charles Feick

James J. Heffernan

William Nicholson

James Murphy

Walter Bishop

Robert Goss

Thomas S. Lacey-Com.

William G. Fagan

Harry Mallen

Charles Larson

James McMahon

William J. Drennan-A.C.S.

Robert Stanton-Co. Clk.

Edward L. Callahan

Bernard Lowe

Arthur B. Nulty

Frank Nelson-Co. Clk.


Sergeants, Headquarters Co.


Donald  P. Adair

William J. Arenholz-Com.

Pendleton Beall-A.C.S.

Abram Blaustein-Com.

Leonard J. Beck

Robert A. Blackford

John F. Doyle

Herbert E. Clarke

Robert L. Clarke

Stewart S. Clinton

Gustav Cosgrove

Richard J. Cray

Fred W. Cudmore

Ronald O. Dietz

Robert Donnelly

Francis Driscoll, U. S. A., as In­structor

Lemist Esler, U. S. A., as Instruc­tor

William Evers-Band

Alfred H. Fawkner-Com.

William E. Fernie

Thomas E. Fitzsimmons

Lawrence J. Flynn-Band

Jerome Goldstein

Leonard P. Grant-Com.

Constantine J. Harvey

Gerald L. Harvey

George D. Heilman

Diedrich Heins

Edward J. Hussey-KIA.

Arthur C. Jaeger

John V. Kerrigan

Joyce Kilmer-KIA.

Russell Klages 

George D. Kramer

Robert N. Lee

Charles Le1ster

James Lynch-Band

Thomas E. Lynch

Thomas J.  McCarthy,  1st Sgt.- Com.

Samuel G. McConaughy

Leonard Monzert-A.C.S.

Thomas Mullady

John J. Mullins, Sgt. Bugler

William P. Murray-Band

Frank Miller-Band

Erwin L. Meisel

William P. Neacy-A.C.S.

James O'Brien

Francis A. O'Connell, Col. Sgt.-Com.

Denis O'Shea, 1st Sgt.-Com.

Medary A. Prentiss-Com.

Theodore C. Ranscht

Michael Rendini

Leslie B. Reynolds

Kenneth G. Russell-Com.

John J. Ryan, 1st Sgt.

Walter T. Ryan

William F. Shannon

William J. Sieger

James V. Smith

Ambrose M. Steinert, Reg. Sgt.-Major

Patrick Stokes-Band

Albert L. Strang, Batt. Sgt.-Major -Com.

Miles Sweeney-Band

Thomas J. Taylor

Walter F. Thompson-Co. Clk.

Robert Taggart

Harrison J. Uhl, Col. Sgt.-Com.

George W. Utermehle

Emmett S. Watson

Roy A. West

Marcus  E. Wilkinson-Com.

Charles F. Willermin

Frederick T. Young

Howard R. Young

Henry E. Zitzmann-Band Leader

Edward H. Jeffries-Com.


Sergeants, Machine-Gun Co.


A. Andrews

Gerald Beekman

Harry P. Bruhn-KIA.

Thomas J. Berkley-Com.

J. T. Brooks-KIA.

Anthony J. Daly

Thomas J. Devine-Com.

Thomas F. Doherty

William A. Drake-KIA.

Victor M. Denis

Maurice Dunn

E. O. Ericksson-Com.

Paul R. Fay

John H. Flint

Frank Gardella

J.J. Hagerty-Com.

Peter Gillespie

C. F. Hunt

J. R. Keller

L. Kerrigan

Ralph C. Ketchum-Com.

John Kilgannon

James E. Ledwith

Alien J. McBride-Com.

John J. McBride, 1st Sgt.

Harry J. McKelvey-Co. Clk

John T. Malvey

T. J. Meredith

K. F. Morey

John Mulstein

Maurice M. O'Keefe

William Patterson

Sidney F. Ryan

William A. Sheppard, USA, as Instructor

John J. Spillane

Joseph McCourt, 1st Sgt.

Frank Stevens


Sergeants, Sanitary Detachment


Warren W. Lokker, Sgt. 1st Class

William Helgers, Sgt. 1st Class

Victor L. Eichorn

Arthur Firman

William F. Hayes

William J. Maher

Daniel McConlogue

William K. McGrath

Thomas V. Boland-Co. Clk


















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