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Dates                Names                                                            Unit             

1849          Colonel Benjamin Clinton Ferris            9th Regiment (1st Irish Regiment)

1851          Colonel Charles S. Roe                            69th Regiment (2d Irish Regiment)

1852          Colonel Thomas Francis Meagher        75th Regiment (4th Irish Regiment)

1853          Colonel Michael Doheny                        75th Regiment            

1854-57     Colonel James R. (B) Ryan                      69th Regiment NYSM

1857-61     Colonel Michael Corcoran                      69th Regiment NYSM                                                                  

1862-62     Colonel  Robert Nugent                          69th Regt NYSV

1862          Colonel Mathew Murphy                       69th NYNG Artillery/182d Infantry

1862          Colonel James Kelly                                 69th Regiment NYSV

1863-64     Colonel Mathew Murphy                       69th Regiment NYNG

1863          Colonel James E. McGee                         69th Regt NYSV

1865          Colonel James J. Smith                            69th Regt NYSV

1865          LTC John Coonan                                    69th NYNG Artillery/182d Infantry

1866          Colonel Martin McMahon                      69th Regiment NYNG

1867-93     Colonel James Cavanaugh                      69th Regiment NYNG

1893-98     Colonel George Moore-Smith                 69th Regiment NYNG

1898-1910 Colonel Edward Duffy                             69th Regiment NYNG

1910-16     Colonel Louis D Conley                          69th Regiment NYNG

1916-17   Colonel William N. Haskell                     165th Infantry Regiment

1917-18   Colonel Charles D. Hine                          165th Infantry Regiment                                                               

1917         Colonel John J. Phalen                            69th Regiment New York Guard

1918         Colonel John W. Barker                          165th Infantry Regiment                             

1918         Colonel  Frank R. McCoy                       165th Infantry Regiment

1918         Colonel Harry D. Mitchell                      165th Infantry Regiment

1918-19    Colonel Charles R. Howland                 165th Infantry Regiment                                                              

1919         Colonel William J. Donovan                  165th Infantry Regiment                                                              

1919-27    Colonel John J. Phalen                           165th Infantry Regiment

1927-34    Colonel William J. Costigan                  165th Infantry Regiment                       

1934-38    Colonel Alexander E. Anderson           165th Infantry Regiment                                                             

1938-40   Colonel John J Mangan                          165th Infantry Regiment

1940-43   Colonel Gardiner Conroy (KIA)             165th Infantry Regiment                                                             

1943-45   Colonel Gerard W. Kelly                         165th Infantry Regiment                                                              

1944-45   Colonel Joseph Hart                                165th Infantry Regiment

1947-49   Colonel Martin H Meaney                      165th Infantry Regiment

1945-47   Colonel William Cavanaugh                   69th Regiment New York Guard

1949-57   Colonel Martin H. Foerey                       165th Infantry Regiment

1957-62   Colonel William Lynch                            165th Infantry Regiment

1962-3     Colonel Alfred S. Byrne                          165th Infantry Regiment

Reorganized and re-designated 15 April 1963 as the 69th Infantry to consist of the 1st and 2d Battalions                                                                                                                                                             

1963-64   LTC John McCarthy                                1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1963-68   LTC William Klauz                                   2d Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1964-66   LTC Dominick Pellicio                             1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1966-72   LTC Charles Shea                                    1st Bn Infantry Regiment

1968-72   LTC Joseph A. Healey                           2d Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1972-75   LTC Joseph Fleming                               1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1972-75   LTC John O. Santelli                               2d Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1975 2d Bn 69th Infantry Regiment disbanded

1975-79   LTC John Regan                                      1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1979-81    LTC John Walsh                                     1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1981-84   LTC Mc Kenna                                         1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1984-86   LTC Gregory Haven                                 1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1986-89   LTC John Gundy                                      1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

1989-92   LTC Robert Hutter                                   1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

Reorganized to Air Defense Artillery

1992-95    LTC Frank Riggio                                   1st Bn 69th Regt Air Defense Artillery

1995-98    LTC Russell Vernon                               1st Bn 69th Regt Air Defense Artillery

1998 Reorganized to Infantry

1998-00   LTC Benny Lum                                      1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

2000-05   LTC Jeffrey Slack                                    1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

2005-09   LTC Charles Crosby                               1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment

2009-10   LTC John Andonie                                 1st Bn 69th Infantry Regiment


Honorary Colonels of the Regiment                                                                                                                            

Martin H. Foery, (Deceased) Major General, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment                   

Joseph A. Healey, (Deceased) Major General, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment                 

Robert Hutter, LTC, NYARNG, Retired, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment                       


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