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69th Regiment

69th RegimentThe 69th Regiment is established by Army and National Guard Regulation NGR (AR) 600-82, which establish the 69th Regimental Headquarters as the repository of lineage, honors, traditions, and heraldry of the 69th Infantry Regiment. The honorary regimental Staff consists of an Honorary Colonel of the Regiment (HCOR), the Regimental Adjutant, the Honorary Sergeant Major, the Regimental Historian, and other members of the 69th Regimental Staff appointed by the HCOR. The Honorary Colonel of the Regiment serves as the symbolic head of the regiment and the custodian of regimental heritage and traditions. Colonel (Ret) James Tierney was apponted Honorary Colonel of the Regiment in March 2103. Liuetenant Colonel (Ret) Robert Hutter is the Honorary Colonel Emeritus. Lieutent Colonel Hutter was appointed Honorary Colonel following the passing of Major General Joseph A. Healey in December 2005 and served until March 2013.

  Although "A" Company, 69th Infantry (Mech) traces its history to 1775, the 69th Regiment's history and lineage begins when predecessor units were organized on 21 December 1849 at New York , New York from new and existing companies of volunteers known as the 1st Irish Regiment.


During the American Civil War, the 69th was the nucleus for and traces its history and lineage to three different units - the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (the 1st Regiment of the Irish Brigade), which served in Federal status from 1861 until 1865, the 69th New York State Militia (later called the 69th New York National Guard), which remained in State service with several activations into Federal service throughout the war, and the 69 New York National Guard Artillery Regiment (later called the 182d New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment), which served in Federal service as part of Corcoran’s Legion from September 1862 until July 1865.


During World War I and World War II, the unit distinguished itself as the 165th Infantry Regiment.


The active unit returned from Iraq in 2005 and sent over 300 soldiers to Afghanistan in 2007 and again in 2011

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